The truth about Aida Thomas aka “Diana Reynolds”

1. Aida Thomas the “squirrel” ( non-standard ) auditor

Here’s is a report from a fellow Freezone auditor Terril Park:

“Recently Aida went to Durham in the UK to audit two people, a mother and daughter. After she left I received 2 mails from the mother detailing her upsets with Aida.

Aida once told me that she starts all clients with ethics handlings. It looks to me that Aida has some big misunderstandings with ethics although she considers herself an expert. Aida also seems paranoid about doing interviews with people to then have them go to other auditors. This may be because of screwy ethics actions.

Aida Thomas

There were very serious auditors code breaks, and I will just mention a few. I believe there were probably many others. Aida said to the daughter that she likes to say things out of session to people so as to restimulate more things to handle in session.

That isn’t scientology.

Bear in mind Aida was living in their house. In the end the mother was so enturbulated by Diana that she couldn’t sleep. Diana then assigns her an ethics condition to handle not sleeping! At one point Diana says the C/S has told her not to talk to the mother out of session, I believe the daughter told me this and heard that the C/Ses name was Julia. Aida told me her husband was the C/S. I wonder if there was in fact a C/S.

Finally the husband one night seeing the distress of his wife said that it would be best if the daughter and Aida go to sleep at the daughters so that the mother could get some sleep. He drove Diana and the daughter there which is only a 4 minute walk away.

He said he’d come back in the morning to let Aida know if the mother was sessionable.

The mother in fact then decided she no longer wanted to carry on with Aida.

That night Aida tore out many pages from the mothers PC folder and told the daughter she didn’t want to carry the folders around europe, and she was leaving the important ones in.She told the daughter that her mother was mentally ill and suppressive.

At one point the daughter tells Aida in session about a two year relationship that ended badly. At the end of the session after cans were put down Aida tells the daughter she was a loose woman because she had a relationship outside of Marriage. They then go down to the kitchen and Aida tells the mother that her daughter is a loose woman. Neither were happy about this, and Aida also forces or persuades the daughter to address this in an ethics handling.

At one point the mother tells of a past indiscretion. After session they go down to the kitchen where the daughter is and Aida refers the daughter indirectly to this incident. The mother was not happy about this.

Another time Aida discusses her mothers case with the daughter with the mother in earshot. The mother was not happy about this! See mail from daughter on this. Aida told me it was the daughter asking Aida about her mothers case. In fact Aida was asking the daughter about the mother and husbands sex life!

The whole period appears to be a traumatic incident to the mother. She occasionally commented when speaking to me that she was trying to block the memories out.

Diana gave only one session addressing the daughters wants in 3 or 4 weeks. Saying she found it difficult to access the case. This seems extraordinary to me as the daughter sits in the middle of her ruin everyday. She has irrital bowel syndrome and because of this has near constant diarrhea and can’t get sufficient nutrients in her body and is very thin. This also makes it difficult to go out places, and panic attacks are all connected with this. Diana seems to have found it a priority to do $1500 of ethics handlings and word clearing.

The husband and a friend of his were also interested in getting some auditing, but now the husband doesn’t want anything to do with Scientology.

best wishes


2. Aida Thomas the Fraud

Aida Thomas once stated that criminals have aliases.

Yet, with her own words, Aida condemns herself to being a criminal because she herself goes by the alias of “Diana Reynolds”.

Why would Aida Thomas need an alias unless it was for the purpose of deceiving people?

Aida Thomas

Here’s a report by Catherine Zoltan, an ex Sea Org member who was a victim of Aida’s fraud and abuse. She currently posts on Marty’s Rathbun’s blog under the name of “The Oracle”.

“Debrief re: Dianaclass8 (Aida Thomas, Class VIII) Injustice and Fraud
Covering up abuse. This is old hat. This is what people are complaining about in regards to the Church. I have no duty or obligations to cover up abuse for people in the Freezone or Independent field or anyplace else. Why would any person drag old habits that never worked in the CofS out into the Independent field? Why would anyone pretend to be on a “higher ground” in the Freezone or Independent field, and then do the same thing “out here” that harmed people “back there”?

First and foremost this is bothering me.

This is a statement made by Dianaclass8 on ESMB 28 November 2010:

“TO has been upset over an injustice done by Management about 30 years ago and she mistakenly thought I had something to do with that.”
For the record, this cycle with her was in 1993 that was 17 years ago. 1993 from 2010 is 17 years not “about thirty years ago”.

I am the one upset so I should know what it was about. I am not upset over an injustice done by Management. I am not mistaken in any way shape or form that it is about HER and only Her.

This is what happened and is the beginning of my track with her.

A small group of people from an Org (by small I mean three people) got together and did a BofI on me and published the findings and recs. They did this behind my back without even telling me there was a BofI going on or presenting any issue to me or asking me to attend or have any input on the accusations.

This was arranged by one staff member who had some personal issues with me as I was complaining about unusual situations in an area she was managing. The B of I was illegal and off policy and didn’t amount to anything to anyone anywhere.

But it really pissed me off. So I REQUESTED a comm ev on the BofI cycle to get it cancelled. I was not in the Sea Org at the time. I was not on staff. I was not on lines.

It had nothing to do with Church Management, this comm ev. Because the people who came to be on it were not Church Management. Diana was one of them . Do you really think Church “management” would ask a public student to be on a Church or Staff comm ev or charge with some authority , or over anyone important doing anything important or any important issue? She wasn’t even a staff member anywhere.

What public gets pulled off course to be on a comm ev? A comm ev that is being held to shut up a noisy complainer (me), and make them a happy person, who isn’t even on lines, to be polite. That is what she was doing on my insignificant justice cycle.

This had to be the most insignificant justice cycle that ever took place on Church property.

It was to straighten out an illegal BofI done. There were no Sea Org staff or Management Staff involved.

But I don’t like loose ends and when I get pushed I push back. Get the picture of how trivial this matter started out. To decide if a B of I held months earlier was illegal at MY REQUEST. And to get it cancelled as it contained false information.

I had not been accused of anything when I requested my comm ev to sort this out. I was considered an upstat. The B of I cycle was behind me. So, the comm ev I requested, to sort that out, was MY REQUEST for a justice action.

I had already been out of the Sea Org for a year. I had already been off lines for months.

I was already working at another job in the community and had put together a new life. And I was not only In GOOD Standing, I had 110 commendations from the Church. I still have those 110 commendations. A lot of those commendations are from PUBLIC.

So, I get a call from the gal who was going to be in charge of this comm ev and she says, “Come on down Honey. We have someone to sort through this tonight and get this mess straightened out. This whole BofI thing was all wrong and the Church wants it straightened out for you too. Can you be here tomorrow night around 7:00 p.m.?” I go down there glad to get this issue moved off me.

I arrive and who is there? Two happy sane people wanting to get to the bottom of this and Dianaclass8, seething with hate. For the next two hours the other two people did not get a chance to talk except when they called a break and pulled me aside in the hallway to apologize for her. I was told she was in the middle of OT3 and I should try to let it go by, the comm ev would cancel the BofI and we could all just get on.

During that two hours Dianaclass8, used this little smidgen of power to be on a comm ev to treat me like a war criminal in a Cambodian prison camp.

She yelled, screamed, physically lunging at me while yelling so she was actually spitting in my face. She became the most abusive human being I had EVER encountered in Scientology, including my six years in the Sea Org. She went as loony as someone in a Spanish Inquisition. And the bad point was, every time she jumped at me or lunged at me, it was as if she was going to hit me and stopped just short of doing so. So, my anchor points were getting smashed in. Also I felt I should defend myself so each time I “almost” struck her before she could strike me. And then, she would move backwards. So for the two hour plus period, I thought over and over I was going to be hit in the face.

The other two sitting on this comm ev were as shaken as I and had to pull me aside in the Hallway to get a plan going to stay on top of her abusive sadistic psychotic tirade. The woman told me Diana was auditing on OT3 and I should be forgiving. The guy kept saying “Sorry…this is SOOOO wrong.”
Marc Baker describes this as a “trivial incident” that happened on ESMB.

If Diana thought it was “trivial” , why then, when I met her ten years later, did she deny she ever knew me? She used her position on a comm ev as a license to torture another person for over two hours.

A person who REQUESTED the comm ev to sort out a prior injustice.
The BofI was cancelled by the Church and when the comm ev tapes were heard by IJC I was sent an apology by IJC. That night when I left, I said to myself I was never going back. And I never did.

I posted a copy of an email I sent to her in December 2007 on BB’s forum. She received it. She spoke of it to others so I know she got it. I knew she read it. Does this sound to you like I am mistakenly upset at her when she had nothing to do with it? Post number 45449

To subscribe if you are not on this forum:

Otherwise I cannot copy / paste on this blog.

I have spoken about it straight to her and she knows exactly what it is about. Yet she posts on ESMB I am mistaken and this has nothing to do with her blaming it on management? She received my email. She never responded. Does this sound to you like she mistakenly had something to do with my upset? Or does it sound to you like I am telling her exactly why I am upset with HER?

Do you think I am carrying a grudge for 17 years? No. I let it go when I left Scientology behind me in 1993. What inflames me is what has happened since then.

But since I am here at her power abuse chapter, let me suggest what a hypocrite she is to be out here on the other side of the fence and protest about power abuse in the Church.

O.K. so that justice cycle was way too sadistic for me and I just bailed from the Scientology arena. To find myself in a room being abused in that manner was the “final straw” for me.

I moved on. I let go of the Scientology thing and 9/11 happens. And it is about ten years later and I think maybe I was hasty.

I log on the Internet and I am reading a lot of stuff but nothing hit me to the heart until I read the Jesse Prince Tapes. I knew he was telling the truth about everything. Because I saw what he saw. And I knew I wasn’t going back.

But for the purpose of my point here now, I end up in a Freezone Academy in L.A.. Thanks to Pat Krenik and Ray Krenik and Richard Hernandez . The mentor at the Los Angeles Freezone Academy was a very kind, sane, and intelligent person. Very competent. I got through my OT preps solo course and from clear thru OT3. I had been on lines there for about six months, one day the mentor calls me and says someone new will be there and she knows me from the Church. I show up and Dianaclass8 is there.

She had put on several pounds, cut off her long hair, put on reading glasses, and looked like someone in her late 40′s early 50′s. This was in 2003 era, before her extensive cosmetic surgery.

The person from my comm ev weighed about 95 pounds, had hair down to her waist, and looked about 22 years old. This was in 1993 year. And I had only been in a room with her for about two hours most of the time not seeing her, seeing red instead. So I made no connection at all.

I said, “You said you know me?” She said “Do you know me, do you recognize me?” I said, “No”.

She said, “I don’t know you either.” And she presented herself as someone I had never met.

She said her name was Diana R——-. And I believed her.
For the record, why would someone with a clean slate pretend to be someone else?

This is the point when the fraud took place.

And this the story of the second treason. Because, she was already trusted as a Scientologist with some duty. And that trust failed. Now, she gained my trust as a “friend”, and “student”. Pretending to be someone else when she knew perfectly well who I was. And I had no idea who she was. For the record, if she had said at that point who she was and when, I could have let that whole thing go. I could have said, “Hey, we all screwed up on some level, you were pts, let it go, how are you anyway?” You ask someone who knows me personally and they will tell you I can let a lot go by.

What upsets about this is the Fraud and that is what I am going to tell you about next.

It was while at the Freezone Academy in Los Angeles, Dianaclass8 posed as someone named Diana R——-. She was working there as a staff member word clearer course supervisor, and thereby was able to obtain personal information from me, about my life. My name, my address, my email address, all of the personal information about my circumstances and why I was studying in the Freezone. Part of this information she obtain included the comm ev incident and why I left the Church. She never said anything but stared at the patio floor when I described that incident.

Part of this information was why I had to remain anonymous due to my husband’s business and finances. Being anonymous had nothing to do with me and everything to do with my husband, who I introduced into Scientology at that Freezone Academy as a student and a P.C.. For the record, my husband is a complete innocent bystander. He has never been in any Scientology Organization and he has never read or posted on any forum.

It was here, using a false identity and building a friendship with me based on a lie that she was able to gain all the information to attempt to destroy my husband’s career.

The background data on that:

He entered into a business and partnership with other people. Well into the business and contracts we were informed they were Scientologists. We had no idea when we became involved with them initially that they were Scientologists. By the time we found out we already had duties and obligations to discharge which affected hundreds and then thousands, of people and investors with families to provide for. My husband was not even involved with Scientology when this partnership was established.

We had a time frame in which we would be finished with these connections and innocent people would not be harmed or effected. We were 16 days from finishing our contract when Dianaclass8 outed me on ESMB. The damage control is being managed by a group of attorneys for all parties to prevent thousands of people from financial loss due to stock investments which could have been affected by this dispute and disconnection which she has managed to enforce.

Her comment on ESMB after generating this kind of effect? “That felt good while it lasted”.

There was a mutual agreement at this Academy that people would be able to trust one another with confidential information as auditing was occurring. My husband’s P.C. folders did not even have his real name written on the front and the person running the Academy was wholly and still is trustworthy.

That person has also been defrauded as Dianaclass8 used her home and her connections to fraudulently obtain data about her clients which has been used to harm her clients. A few summers ago BB came to the U.S. and there was a lot of socializing in the Freezone.

During this period, I was “tipped off” that Dianaclass8 was the same person who had been on my comm ev. I actually did not believe it when it was mentioned to me as a withhold that should be pulled.

I asked BB to see if he could verify this data by asking her directly. And she admitted it to him. I was actually stunned. So, for roughly five years she withheld this data while being involved in social intercourse directly and on forums. She also had this withhold from others in the Freezone and Independent groups. She is still denying it on ESMB by stating my issues have nothing to do with her but Management instead and she is a mistaken person identity in all of this.

For the record, I could not make any of this known or challenge the lies because I had to remain anonymous. So, for the last three years I have watched her post and attack people for abuse issues and for being unprofessional and for not being trustworthy and I have had to remain silent.

This has been a source of emotional blackmail.


Intentional deception resulting in injury to another person.
Imposter. A person who make deceitful pretenses.
Deliberate trickery indented to gain an advantage.
Fraud is an intentional deception made for personal gain or to damage another individual.

Any act of deception carried out for the purpose of unfair, undeserved and/or unlawful gain; The assumption of a false identity to such deceptive end.
Debrief re: Dianaclass8 (Aka Aida Thomas, Class VIII) Freezone forum flaps and fairgaming

I could go into every single Freezone forum flap that has occurred and lay on the table details , significant details, that have been pushed under the table and withheld from public knowledge.

But that would be costly in terms of time and these things are not about me.
The bottom line is, for every Freezone flap I have been involved in with Dianaclass8, I have put myself forward to make myself a target in front of someone she has fairgamed. It has never been about me and she until two weeks ago. When I became successful at fully positioning myself in front of her as her main fairgame target.

This has been so blatant I have made announcements on BB’s forum stating, “The game is to “get T.O.”.

This is a list of the Freezone / Independent terminals she has fairgamed / is rockslamming on.

Richard Hernandez
Los Angeles Freezone Academy Group
Ralph Hilton
Pierre Ethier
Catherine Ethier

By the way, when Pierre was auditing in L.A. Diana sent a knowledge report on him to his wife Catherine at her workplace in Canada, which was picked up by her manager at her company in Canada during employment negotiations. Content of the K.R. I do not want to repeat on the internet. This was part of fairgaming Pierre, to go after his wife at her place of employment!

Marty Rathbun
Ivan Obolensky
Mike Rinder
Terrill Park
Ken Urquhart
Nancy Walcott
The Oracle
My husband

To name some, not all. Every Freezone flap on record between us, has been me moving in to make myself the target to take focus off of the person she has fairgamed. Because the people listed above are not suppressive people and I don’t agree with the fairgame activity.

I stood in between her and Frank , because I saw how she rewarded Pierre in his attempts to help her.

While making myself the target on ESMB after she fairgamed Pierre, I received several emails about her trip to Europe where she took money from P.C.s and skipped out before delivering. That was give or take about two years ago.

I emailed to her about it, BB has a copy of that email. She did not respond. It was kept off the radar. This enabled her to return to Europe and repeat the same violations upon someone else. And Terril and Ken are being attacked for not contributing to a new cover up of abuse which involves fraud and grand larceny theft.

So, Heidrun, when you get on BB’s forum and discuss how all auditors are Ron’s friends so we should “let it go.” Keep in mind she took out one Freezone Academy in Los Angeles and (I am a solo auditor) and she has worked hard and long to unmock other auditors. We listed above have been fair gamed by her. That academy was making auditors and she unmocked it within two months of walking in the front door. Richard Hernandez was blown off a level check sheet in that academy and has not trained since.
She has no qualms about going after auditors and destroying them.
LRH describes the phenomena in HCOB OT Levels:

Psychotics deal with doing people in. Their whole mission in life is destruction.

They inveigh against lower-level gains and seek to discredit them since these run contrary to their aberrated purpose.

But when it gets to Clears and OT levels, psychos go berserk!
They are, it happens, terrified of punishment for their own crimes.
The thought of someone being sensible or powerful enough to punish them (the way they would do) is more than they can stand.
You can, with the utmost certainty, identify a criminal psychotic by the way he vilifies or degrades or seeks to stop Clears and OTs from coming into existence.

Beyond the obvious slander she writes about Marty, she has spread the rumor that he has information that could remove DM and put him in prison but Marty is withholding it to protect himself. There is no evidence to back up this accusation. This is a class 8 who seems unhappy that a nots auditor is not in prison. I ask, the people who would want to see Marty or any human being in a prison as a solution to a problem? Aren’t we the people with the solutions for fixing people and situations? Where is “prison” on the grade chart? I have moved forward to shield others who have been fairgamed by her, and her followers on witch hunts. I am not making any apologies for caring about the people in front of me.

As for me, this explanation to my friends and the curious people is all I have to offer.

In my efforts to make myself a target, I have been successful.

I was also able to evidence to anyone who has watched her, her willingness to wallow in injustice, fraud, fairgaming, deceit , verbal abuse and enforced disconnection when it suits her wants and needs. All of which most of us CLEARLY meant to leave behind us with the C of S.
And that is all I was ever trying to point out to people.

Diana: “My house has been a haven for people who left the Sea Org and had no other place to go”.

I ask: “Who were they? Give us a list to verify that.”

I know how many people leaving the Sea Org she has fairgamed.

I don’t know of any she has helped.”

3. Aida Thomas the “Fair Gamer”

Apparently, Aida has “fair gamed” her share of people.

Here’s a list of names that I’m aware of:

1. Marty Rathbun
2. Mike Rinder
3. Ken Urquhart – Class IX auditor, worked with LRH directly
4. Terrill Park
5. Catherine Zoltan
6. Richard Hernandez
7. Ralph Hilton
8. Pierre Ethier
9. Catherine Ethier
10. Ivan Obolensky
11. Nancy Walcott

4. How did Aida Thomas get into the United States?

In her response to Aida’s post on a message board regarding Pierre Ethier and his wife, Catherine Zoltan, an ex Sea Org member lets us in just how.

First, Aida Thomas’s post:

“Anony, she is not a scientologist, she and Pierre met through the internet according to an insider, and they corresponded. She then came to the US to marry him, I do not know what her circunstances were in Bulgaria to make Flag and the SO more appealing than her life in her country.I was told that she joined the SO to be with Pierre.But she was never a scientologist that I know of. If you read some her postings on ARS, she is even a harsh critic of of Scientology.



Catherine Zoltan’s reply:

“She was married in 1992. People did not have access to the internet in 1992. I don’t think Sea Org Members today cruise the net, have Internet or computers.
As far as :

‘I do not know what her circunstances were in Bulgaria to make Flag and the SO more appealing than her life in her country.’

I don’t know what your circumstances were in Mexico to make the CofS more appealing than your life in your country. But since you paid a staff member 3,000.00 to marry you for a green card, I would think you could be a little more compassionate of other people’s struggles?”

5. Birds of a feather

Usually when you find a person like Aida Thomas who’s behavior and character are of a questionable nature you will find that person’s friends are of a similar character.

One of Aida Thomas’s closes friends is Silvia Kusada, another woman of questionable character.
Silvia Kusada
Silvia Kusada:

1. Like Aida Thomas, has been accused of auditing in a non standard manner.

2. Uses men to get emotional support, sex, air fair, favors and rides. She will be getting emotional support from one man all the while having sex with another. She’ll use one man to get a ride to the airport to use an air fare ticket she got from another man! Then she will get another man to assist her in building a car port.

3. Plays the role of a victim. It seems that when ever something goes wrong in Silvia Kusada’s life, it’s not her fault but others who are to blame.

4. Never admits or apologizes when she’s done something wrong.

5. Presents herself to the public as being a spiritual person when how she acts in the real world shows something else.

6. She uses people for what they are worth to her at the time, and then discards them.

7. It’s been rumored that she married the current guy she’s with in order to use his health insurance to pay for her recent vaginal operation.

8. It’s also been rumored more than once that Silvia Kusada was once a prostitute.

For more information on Silvia Kusada, please go to the following web site: